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Wooden Frames For Co2 Laser


  • These Wooden Frames for CO2 Laser are perfect for any craft, DIY or professional product making.
  • They are made of high-quality wood, providing excellent stability and strength.
  • These frames are easy to assemble and mount, and come with all the necessary hardware for installation.
  • The laser-cut frames provide an attractive, neat finishing touch to the product, making it look clean and professional.
  • These frames are suitable for a wide variety of CO2 laser cutting applications and provide a secure and safe environment for any project.
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Wooden Frames For Co2 Laser are an ideal solution for those looking to create intricate designs or detailed artwork with the power of laser engraving. Our wooden frames are designed to provide maximum stability and support for the Co2 laser, while also allowing for accurate and precise control over the laser beam. Our wooden frames are perfect for DIY laser projects, craft makers, engravers, and woodworkers. Our frames are made of high quality solid wood, providing strength and durability that will last through countless engraving and cutting projects.

Each frame is cut, sanded, and finished by hand, ensuring quality and consistency. The frames come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a variety of projects. Whether you’re looking to make custom engraving, carving, cutting, or etching, these wooden frames will provide the necessary support and stability for you to complete your projects with ease.

The frames are simple to assemble and adjust, making them perfect for those just getting started with their laser engraving. With proper use and care, our frames will provide lasting support and reliability. It’s important to note that the wooden frames are not compatible with the metal or plastic frames for Co2 lasers.

Whether you’re just starting out with your laser engraving or already have some experience, our Wooden Frames For Co2 Laser will provide the support and stability needed for a successful and accurate engraving. The natural wood grain provides a unique and attractive finish to your project, while the cutting and sanding ensures a clean and precise operation. With our Wooden Frames For Co2 Laser, you can rest assured that your projects will be well supported and look great.

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Wooden Frame For Co2

10" X 18" X 0.75", 7" X 5" X 0.5", 8" X 6" X 0.5"


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