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Laser Marking Machine

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Model No : STL – 20W’ Fiber Laser Marking Machine 

Laser Power                    : 20Watt max model

Galvo Head                     : Sino

Marking Speed               : 9000 mm/s

Working Area (X,Y)       : 150mm x 150mm

Z AXIS                             : 500MM

Operating System          : WindowsXP,Windows7 & 10 – (64bit and 32bit)

Supported Format         : PLT AND DXF

Working Voltage            : Single Phase AC220V/50Hz/10Amp (Require Earthing)

Wave Length                   : 1064nm

Pulsed Frequency          : 30-10000 KHZ
Cooling System              : Air Overall power
Consumption                  :1KW

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First let me introduce our company, SHARAV CORPORATION. Is the fastest-growing company in the field of CNC, Laser & Cutting , STL – 20W laser in India. We are manufacturing and developing a different range of CNC Router , Laser  Printer  machine. We design our own Machine as per international standard to match your versatile need. We offer heavy duty machinery for stable and accurate operation. We also welcome any inquiry for machines in different size and capacities than our standard machines. We will be happy to manufacture & supply customized machine.

STL-20W laser is made with high-quality of AC  motor, printheads, sophisticated controller, etc. It is completely trouble-free machine. We welcome you to visit our city to see detailed demonstration of your required machine.

We have our dedicated team to look after of your automation need and service support.  There are lots of opportunities in these field and we would love to absorb the same with our mutual growth. With reference to your discussion with our executive, we are pleased to quote our lowest & competitive rate.

Laser marking machines are used to mark parts with part numbers, manufacturing codes, and other information to assist in assembly, maintenance, and replacement.
Laser marking machines

In order ensure the accurate setup, safety, and the achievement of desired results, using a laser marking machine requires a few steps. The following is a general operating manual for a laser marking machine:

Safety Precautions:

Wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), such as laser safety glasses made for the laser’s particular wavelength, and always abide by safety regulations.

Make sure the workspace has enough ventilation, particularly if the materials being marked may release fumes.

Machine Setup:

The laser marking machine should be placed in a well-ventilated, well-lit workspace.

To ensure accurate marking, make sure the machine is properly positioned and calibrated.

Make sure that the work area is tidy and clear of any debris.

Material Preparation:

Select the right item to be marked. Various laser settings might be needed for different materials.

Clean the material and apply any coatings or additives that might improve the marking process, if needed.

Software Configuration:

To create or import the design you wish to mark, use the control software that comes with the laser marking machine.

Adjust the power, speed, frequency, and focus settings based on the type of material and the desired level of quality.

Focus Adjustment:

Adjust the focus of the laser beam based on the thickness of the material. This is crucial for achieving precise and sharp marks.


Position the material within the marking area, ensuring it is securely fixed in place to prevent movement during the marking process.

Test Marking:

Before marking the final product, perform a test marking on scrap or similar material to ensure the settings are appropriate and the desired results are achieved.

Start the Marking Process:

  • Initiate the marking process using the control software. Monitor the process to ensure the quality of the mark and make adjustments as needed.

Product Identification and Branding:

  • Laser marking is commonly used for marking products with serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, and other identification information. This is crucial for tracking and inventory management.

Traceability and Serialization:

  • In industries like manufacturing and electronics, laser marking is employed to create unique identifiers on products, allowing for traceability throughout the production and distribution process.

Part Numbering and Coding:

  • Laser marking machines are used to mark parts with part numbers, manufacturing codes, and other information to assist in assembly, maintenance, and replacement.

Personalization and Customization:

  • Laser marking is used for creating personalized or customized items, such as engraving names, messages, or designs on jewelry, gifts, and promotional items.

The benefit of laser marking is that it can leave permanent, highly accurate marks without coming into direct contact with the material. Various kinds of laser marking equipment, such as CO2 and fiber lasers, are employed according to the material to be marked and the particular needs of the application.



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