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Diamond Cutting Wheels


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Diamond Cutting Wheels

Hard materials can be cut, ground, and shaped using diamond wheels in a variety of ways. These wheels are renowned for their strength, resilience, and capacity to sever materials too hard for conventional abrasives. Diamond wheels come in a variety of forms, each intended for a particular use. Among the primary kinds are:

Tools with diamond cutting wheels are made to cut through a variety of hard materials, including ceramics, concrete, stone, metal, and glass. Diamond particles, which are incredibly hard and able to cut through difficult materials, are fitted into these wheels. Diamond cutting wheels come in a variety of forms, each designed for a particular need. Among the most common kinds are:

120x 120 3 Diamond Cutting Wheels

Diamond Cup Wheel For Grinding Metal Carbide Tools & Parts
Diamond Cup Wheel For Grinding Metal Carbide Tools & Parts

Resin Bond Diamond Wheels:

Application: Resin bond diamond wheels are used for grinding carbide tools, glass, ceramics, and non-ferrous metals.

Material: The abrasive material in resin bond wheels is synthetic diamond particles embedded in a resin matrix.

Metal Bond Diamond Wheels:

Application:  Glass, ceramics, and various composite materials are among the hard and fragile materials that can be polished with                                 metal bond diamond wheels.

Material: The abrasive material in metal bond wheels is diamond particles held together by a metal matrix, often made of bronze.

Vitrified Bond Diamond Wheels:

  • Application: Vitrified bond diamond wheels are commonly used for precision grinding applications such as tool and cutter grinding.
  • Material: Vitrified bond wheels consist of synthetic diamond grains mixed with a glass-like bond material.

Electroplated Diamond Wheels:

  • Application: Electroplated diamond wheels are used for precision grinding of non-metallic materials such as glass, ceramics, and composite materials.
  • Material: The diamond particles are electroplated onto the wheel’s surface, typically using nickel as the plating material.

Resinoid Diamond Wheels:

  • Application: Resinoid diamond wheels are used for grinding tungsten carbide, ceramics, and other hard materials.
  • Material: These wheels have a resin-based bond with embedded diamond particles.

Hybrid Diamond Wheels:

  • Application: Hybrid diamond wheels combine features of both resin bond and metal bond wheels, offering a balance of grinding efficiency and wheel life.
  • Material: The abrasive material is a combination of synthetic diamond particles and a hybrid bond.

Sintered Diamond Blades:

Application: Sintered diamond blades are suitable for cutting through very hard materials such as granite, ceramics, and other natural stones.

Work: Sintered blades are manufactured using a process called sintering, which involves fusing diamond particles together with metal powders.


The choice of diamond wheel depends on the specific material being worked on, the desired finish, and the application requirements. Diamond wheels are commonly used in industries such as metalworking, woodworking, glass processing, and precision machining.



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Diamond Wheels

Cup Wheel 4", Cup Wheel 6", Dish Wheel 5", Dish Wheel 6", Flate Wheel 5", Flate Wheel 6"


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