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Solid Carbide Corn Bit For Marble & Stone Cutting


Solid Carbide Cnc Router’s Corn Bit

Application – Sand Stone, Cement Sheet & Marble Cutting with water

Corn Bit

Cutting Dia  Cutting Length   Total Length  Sank

3mm               15mm           45mm                    3mm

4mm               20mm         50mm                     4mm

6mm               22mm           50mm                   6mm

8mm               25mm           50mm                  8mm

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Solid carbide corn bits, sometimes referred to as solid carbide end mills or router bits, are specialist cutting tools used in the shaping and machining of hard materials like stone and marble. These instruments are frequently used in CNC equipment and routers for , cutting, and carving. For cutting marble and stone, a solid carbide corn bit functions as follows:

Material Selection:

Solid carbide is a common material for these cutting tools because of its durability and hardness. It does not easily dull and can cut through hard materials like stone and marble with efficiency.

Cutting Geometry:

Solid carbide corn bits are typically designed with a unique geometry that resembles a corn cob, with flutes or ridges spiraling around the tool’s shaft. The shape of the tool allows for efficient chip evacuation and prevents the tool from clogging with debris during cutting.

Flute Design:

Cutting edges are offered by the tool’s flutes, which make contact with the stone substance. Variations in the number and arrangement of flutes can impact the quality and efficiency of cutting.

Shank Size and Type:

The tool’s shank can be made to fit a variety of CNC machines and routers by changing in size and style. Straight shanks, collet shanks, and shanks with a particular machine’s interface are examples of common shank types.

Dust and Debris Management:

The process of cutting stone materials produces a lot of dust and waste. During the cutting process, efficient dust collecting technologies are employed to preserve sight and a clean work area.

When working with hard, abrasive materials like marble and stone, solid carbide corn bits are useful instruments. They offer efficiency, longevity, and accuracy when it comes to shaping and profiling stone surfaces. To get the best results from these instruments, make sure you observe all safety precautions and modify the cutting parameters according to the particular stone material and project specifications.


Corn Bit

Cutting Dia  Cutting Length   Total Length  Sank

3mm               15mm           45mm          3mm

4mm               20mm         50mm        4mm

6mm               22mm           50mm          6mm

8mm               25mm           50mm          8mm

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Corn CD x CL x Sank x Long

4x20x4x50, 6x22x6x50, 8x25x8x50


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