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Co2 Laser Engraving Machine

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First let me introduce our company, SHARAV CORPORATION. Is the fastest growing company in the field
of CNC, Laser & Cutting plotter technology machine in India. We are developing different range of
machine. We design our own CNC router as per international standard to match your versatile need. We
offer heavy duty machinery for stable and accurate operation. We also welcome any inquiry for CNC
router machine in different size and capacity other than our standard machine. We will be happy to
manufacture & supply customized machine.
SCL – 43 laser is made with good Quality of Glass Tube, user- friendly & sophisticated controller, etc. It is
completely trouble- free machine. We welcome you to visit our city to see detailed demonstration of your
required machine.
SCL – 43 machine is the best choice for people who want to do cutting & Engraving on wood, acrylic, lather,
plastics, MDF, fabric etc. it is the best choice for matured customers in this industries.
We have our dedicated team to look after of your all automation need and service support. There are lots
of opportunities in these field and we would love to absorb the same with our mutual growth. With
reference to your discussion with our executive, we are pleased to quote our lowest & competitive rate

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Co2 Laser Machine Products Details

A CO2 laser machine is a kind of laser cutting and engraving apparatus that cuts or engraves materials using a carbon dioxide laser. Because of their precision and versatility, CO2 lasers are frequently used in a variety of industries for a wide range of applications. The following are some typical jobs or duties that a CO2 laser machine can complete:

Cutting Materials:

           Wood:CO2 lasers can cut through various types of wood, producing intricate designs for woodworking projects.

          Acrylic: They are effective at cutting acrylic sheets for signage, displays, and artistic applications.

         Paper and Cardboard: CO2 lasers can create precise cuts in paper and cardboard for packaging, prototyping, or artistic                                                                         purposes.

Engraving and Marking:

                  Metal Marking:  Metals are frequently marked with CO2 lasers by coating them with a particular material or by adding                         additives that react with the laser beam.

                 Glass Engraving: They can engrave intricate designs for decorative or functional uses on glass surfaces.

                 Stone Engraving: CO2 lasers can be used to engrave on various types of stones for memorials, decorative pieces, or                               personalized gifts.

Textile Cutting and Engraving:

  • Fabric Cutting: CO2 lasers are employed in the textile industry for precise cutting of fabrics, creating intricate patterns or designs.
  • Leather Engraving: They can engrave intricate designs on leather for customizing accessories, clothing, or decorative items.
  1. Plastic Processing:
    • Polymer Cutting: CO2 lasers can cut through various plastics, including polycarbonate and polyester, for manufacturing parts or creating prototypes.
  2. Medical Applications:
    • CO2 lasers are used in medical procedures such as dermatology for skin resurfacing or surgery. They can precisely cut or vaporize tissues.
  3. Electronics Manufacturing:
    • CO2 lasers are used in the electronics industry for cutting and marking circuit boards, creating precise patterns.
  4. Paper and Packaging Industry:
    • CO2 lasers are used for cutting and engraving paper and cardboard in the production of packaging materials and displays.
  5. Model Making and Prototyping:
    • CO2 lasers are employed for creating detailed models and prototypes in various industries, including architecture and product design.

It’s important to note that the capabilities of CO2 laser machines can vary, and the appropriate settings need to be selected based on the material being processed. Safety precautions should always be followed when working with laser equipment.

Co2 Laser Machine
Co2 Laser Machine

Co2 Laser Machine Details

Laser Power              : 100-120 Watt (EFR Company)
Applicable Material : Acrylic , Lather , MDF, Paper Fabric etc
Working Area (X,Y) : 4ft x 3ft
Working Table          : Strip type / Honeycomb Bed
Controller                  : Torsion ( Touch Type)
Assembly                   : High precision Outer Roller Assembly
Power Adjustment   : 0.1to100%
Operating System    : Window XP, Windows7-32bit
Supported Format   : BMP, DXF, PLT,AI
Working Voltage      : Single Phase AC220V/50Hz (Require earthing)
Chiller, Compressor & Blower : Include
Warranty Policy for Glass Laser Tube 80W&100W & 150W We used in SCL – 43 Machine
We give you warranty on all above laser tube for 3.0 months from date of invoice.

As we are using the possible best quality and well tested laser tube, there is hardly chance. For the failure of laser tube before its warranty period of 3.0 months from date of invoice. However we will provide you maximum one laser tube free of cost in case of failure of laser tube during the warranty period.

If the glass of Glass Laser Tube is broken from outside (physically damaged) anywhere, it will not be covered under the warranty.
Warning:-The role of Chiller, which is provided with the laser machine is to circulate. The cool water inside the laser tube, which keeps the laser tube cool and if by chance water stops circulating inside the tube and laser machine is in the operation in few minutes, the laser tube will be damaged. The circulation of the cool water in the laser tube is the most necessary for the working of laser tube.

Additionally, the chiller has the ability to indicate and sound an alarm in the event of a malfunction. In such a scenario, we kindly request that the operator stop the laser machine and chiller immediately and contact our local engineer. The laser tube will not be covered under warranty if the operator does not stop the machine in case that the chiller fails. We will conclude that in the event that the chiller displays an error and the laser tube breaks—that is, if the laser machine has not been turned off—or if the alarm sounds on the display.

It is strongly recommended to use DI water inside the chiller. The DI water must be changed every 15 days whether the machine has been used or not used in that period.

From Our factory to customer place transport charge Extra.




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