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Clamping Set Nut & Bolt For Cnc Router


Nut & Bolt = Bolt for Cnc Router Clamping set Bolt is with Harding

With 8mm Thickness

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CNC Clamping Set

A clamp set for a machine is a collection of components used to secure or clamp work pieces, tools or other items within various industrial and machining applications. These sets are commonly used in machining, woodworking, metalworking and other manufacturing processes to ensure the stability and accuracy of the work piece or tool during operation. Here is some information about clamping sets:


A typical clamping set consists of various components, including, but not limited to:

Clamping Set For Cnc Router
Clamping Set Nut Bolt & Plate

T-Slot Nuts:

These nuts are designed to fit into T-slots on machine tables, workbenches or other fixtures. T-Bolt: A T-bolt is used to secure a T-slot nut to a T-slot. They often have a flat head with a threaded shaft and are inserted through T-nuts. Step Block: These blocks provide height adjustment and are used to support clamps, work holding devices or other components.


Clamps, such as strap clamps, hold-down clamps, or other specialty clamps, are used to secure a workpiece or fixture to a machine table. Stud and Flange Nut: These are used to connect clamps, step blocks and other components in the setup.

Washers and other accessories:

Various washers, spacers, and accessories can be included in clamping sets to accommodate specific applications.

Types of Clamping Sets:

Clamping sets can vary in size and configuration depending on the specific requirements of the application. Some common types of clamping sets include:•

Standard clamping sets:

These are versatile sets that can be used in a wide range of machining and work holding tasks. Installation and Use: The clamping set is relatively easy to install and use. The components are inserted into T-slots or other compatible fixtures on the machine table.

The T-bolt is inserted into the T-slot nut, the clamp is secured around the workpiece, and the step block is used to adjust the height and provide support. The selection of components and their arrangement depend on the specific clamping requirements of the job. Advantages: Clamping sets are essential in maintaining workpiece stability and accuracy during machining or other manufacturing processes. They help prevent workpieces from moving or moving during cutting, drilling, milling and other operations, ensuring precise and repeatable results. Using a clamping set can improve safety and efficiency in a workshop or industrial setting.

In short, clamping sets for machines are a versatile collection of components used to secure workpieces and tools in a variety of industrial and machining applications. These sets are important to achieve accuracy and consistency in manufacturing processes.

Clamping Set For Cnc Router For Job Fixing
It’s Available in
Nut Bolt = 3″ & 4″
Metal Plate = 4″ & 7″


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Clamp Nut & Bolts

3", 4"


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