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Carbide CNC Wood Lathe Turning Cutters Knife Tools

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CNC Wood Turning Lathe Cutters Material

Knife body: 40Cr Steel, size 20*20*150mm or 25*25*150mm
Knife blade: high quality solid carbide
Blade length: 40mm
Cutting angle: 17 degree
Blade tip radius: 1mm or 1.5mm or 2mm
Blade thickness: 13mm
Blade Hardness: 91-91.5 HRC

CNC Wood Lathe Machine Cutter Applicable Materials:
Red wood, rose wood, hard wood, medium hard wood, plastic, acrylic, carbon fiber, resin, etc. Also can get good surface when work on soft wood and softer wood.

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Information about Cnc Lathe Turning Carbide Tools

The wood turning tool for sale here is best carbide cutters for woodturning lathe. Why is it the best? The point is that, its blade is made of excellent carbide (tungsten); the hardness is up to 91-91.5 HRC. The Cnc Wood Lathe Tools feature durability, and no need to replace cutters frequently. The design of the removable blade (tool head) and an adjustable center height is user-friendly. No matter what kind of Wood Cnc Lathe the carbide tip can be adjusted and get the ideal cutting angle; the smooth and clean finishing effect is more than your imagination. It also provides users’ convenience to sharpen for future use. This carbide cutter is perfect for roughing or finishing jobs for CNC woodturning

Carbide Specialized cutting instruments called CNC (Computer Numerical Control) wood lathe turning cutters are made specifically for use with CNC wood lathes. When shaping, carving, and producing delicate motifs on wooden workpieces, these cutters function incredibly well. An outline of these tools’ salient characteristics is provided below:

Solid Carbide Wood Finishing Cnc Lathe Tools Carbide CNC Wood Lathe Turning Cutters Bits Knife Tools
Solid Carbide Wood Finishing Cnc Lathe Tools Carbide CNC Wood Lathe Turning Cutters Bits Knife Tools

Composition of the Material

carbide The most common material used to make CNC wood lathe turning cutters is tungsten carbide, which is a strong, resilient substance that is resistant to heat and wear. They are therefore ideally suited for sustained cutting performance.

Sliced Geometry

These cutters are available in flat, round, square, and diamond-shaped cutting geometries. The geometry selected will rely on the particular woodturning project as well as the design specifications.

Sharp Cutting Edges

Carbide cutters are indispensable for creating intricate patterns and details because of their incredibly sharp and long-lasting cutting edges, which yield clean, accurate cuts in wood.


You can use these tools for a variety of woodturning tasks, such as thread cutting, grooving, finishing, and roughing. They are perfect for making turned wood components such as table legs, chair parts, and decorative spindles.

Chip and Dust Ejection

These cutters are designed to efficiently remove chips and dust from the cutting area, enhancing cutting performance and maintaining a clean work environment.


To guarantee the cutters’ continuous effectiveness, routine maintenance is essential. Examples of this include keeping the cutting blades sharp and changing the inserts as needed.

Woodworkers can benefit greatly from carbide CNC wood lathe turning cutters, particularly those who use CNC technology. For the purpose of producing a wide range of woodturned products and decorative pieces, they provide accuracy, robustness, and adaptability. It is crucial to use the proper cutter geometry for the job at hand and follow safety and productivity guidelines while utilizing these cutters for woodturning.



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