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Ballnose Half Round Brazed Carbide Bit For Cnc Router


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Cutting Dia MMCutting Length MM

Sank MM


For Waves board, MDF & Wood
CD = Cutting Dia X Height (Deep) X Sank

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A “brazed ballnose” likely refers to a specific type of cutting tool used in machining and milling operations. Let me explain:
  1. Brazed: Brazing is a joining process that uses a filler metal, often called brazing alloy or braze material, to bond two pieces of metal together at elevated temperatures. In the context of cutting tools, brazing is commonly used to attach a hard and durable cutting material, such as tungsten carbide, to a tool’s body or shank.
  2. Ballnose: A ballnose cutter is a type of milling tool with a rounded cutting edge. This rounded edge is in the shape of a hemisphere or a ball. Ballnose cutters are frequently used in machining operations where a smooth and contoured surface finish is required, such as in 3D machining and finishing passes.

A “brazed ballnose” cutting tool is likely a milling tool with a ballnose profile that has a cutting edge made of a hard material like tungsten carbide, which is brazed onto the tool’s shank or body. This construction provides the tool with the necessary durability and hardness to withstand the cutting forces and wear encountered during machining operations.

Brazed ballnose cutters are commonly used in the manufacturing industry for tasks such as profile milling, sculpting, and producing curved or contoured surfaces with high precision and a smooth finish. They are particularly valuable in applications involving complex 3D shapes and irregular geometries

Tools and Materials:

Wood blank:

Select a wood piece that is fit for carving. Hardwoods that are frequently used are walnut, cherry, and maple.

Safety gear:

To protect yourself from noise and wood particles, put on eye protection, a dust mask, and earplugs.

Carving tools:

  • Carving knife or chisels

for basic carving.


Concave shapes can be generated with curved gouges.

Ballnose carving tool:

developed specifically to produce spherical shapes


To maintain the wood in place while carving.


  1. Design and Planning:

Arrange your half-round ballnose carving design. Look into the final piece’s dimensions and shape.

Always remember to take it slow, even when you’re just starting out. Since it’s frequently simpler to take out more material than to put it back in, go slowly and evaluate your progress frequently. Additionally, wear the proper protective gear and always follow safety instructions when using tools.


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