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4Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose For Cnc Router 3d Carving on MDF & Wood


4Flute Spiral Solid Carbide Ballnose

Application :- MDF, Solid Woodm, 3D Work

Available in Cutting dia 2mm / 3mm /4mm 5mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm

in different Cutting Length & Total Long length tools

CD = Cutting Dia  /  CL = Cutting Length / SD = Sank Dia

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4Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose Tools for Cnc Router

The 4Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose is a state-of-the-art cutting tool specifically designed for CNC routers, enabling precise 3D carving on MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and wood materials. The unique construction of this instrument is optimized to deliver exceptional results in terms of precision, surface finish and intricate detailing.

Made from solid carbide, a material known for its durability and high performance properties, the 4-flute design covers the tool’s four cutting edges. This configuration increases the material removal rate and facilitates efficient chip removal during the engraving process. The spiral ballnose geometry, characterized by its rounded tip, gives the tool the power to create smooth, flowing curves and intricate details, while minimizing the risk of tool marks and imperfections on the engraved surface.

4Flute Spiral Ballnose

When working with a CNC router, the 4-Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose really shines in turning MDF and wood surfaces into intricately carved three-dimensional works of art. MDF, favored for its uniform density and smooth texture, serves as an excellent canvas for detailed carvings. On the other hand, wood provides a timeless aesthetic appeal that suits both traditional and contemporary design aspirations. The tool’s precision and cutting prowess make it suitable for a wide variety of applications, from decorative embellishments to functional woodworking.

The 4-flute design, in particular, increases stability during the carving process, resulting in cleaner cuts and better detail retention. This makes it particularly suitable for intricate patterns and delicate designs that demand complex processes.

In conclusion, the 4-Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose Tool for CNC Routers represents a remarkable advancement in woodworking technology. Its ability to seamlessly integrate complex details and remove material efficiently makes it an indispensable asset for craftsmen, woodworkers and CNC enthusiasts. When combined with MDF or wood, it transforms these materials into eye-catching pieces of arts and crafts, leaving behind a legacy of precision and beauty.

Product Code          Cutting Dia        Cutting Length                Sank              Total Long

SPBF-263                        2mm                          6mm                             3mm                   45mm

SPBF-315                        3mm                           15mm                           3mm                   45mm

SPBF-420                       4mm                           20mm                          4mm                   50mm

SPBF-520                       5mm                           20mm                          5mm                   50mm

SPBF-622                       6mm                           22mm                          6mm                   50mm

SPBF-825                       8mm                           25mm                          8mm                   50mm

SPBF-1030                    10mm                         30mm                         10mm                  60mm

SPBF-1230                    12mm                         30mm                         12mm                  60mm


SPBF-635                     6mm                          35mm                          6mm                  75mm

SPBF-650                     6mm                          50mm                        6mm                 100mm

SPBF-835                     8mm                          35mm                        8mm                  75mm

SPBF-850                     8mm                         50mm                        8mm                 100mm

SPBF-1035                  10mm                         35mm                       10mm                75mm

SPBF-1050                   10mm                        50mm                      10mm               100mm

SPBF-1235                    12mm                        35mm                      12mm                75mm

SPBF-1250                     12mm                      50mm                      12mm                100mm


Available for cutting of Wood & MDF

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10x30x60x10, 10x35x75x10, 10x50x100x10, 12x30x60x12, 12x35x75x12, 12x50x100x12, 2x6x45x3, 3x15x45x3, 4x20x50x4, 5x20x50x5, 6x22x50x6, 6x35x75x6, 6x50x100x6, 8x25x50x8, 8x35x75x8, 8x50x100x8


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