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2Flute Straight Bit Steel Sank For ACP Sheet Cutting


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2Flute Straight Bit Steel Sank

For Cutting ACP Sheet

Available in 2mm / 3mm / 4mm / 6mm

CD = Cutting Dia / CL = Cutting Length / SD = Sank Dia

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2Flute Straight Steel Sank

It appears you’re describing a cutting tool, specifically a solid carbide straight steel shank. Let’s break down what this means:

  1. Solid Carbide: Carbide is a composite material composed of carbon and a metal, typically tungsten. Solid carbide tools are known for their hardness and ability to withstand high temperatures and wear. In machining and cutting applications, solid carbide tools are often used for their durability and long tool life.
  2. Straight Steel Shank: The “straight steel shank” likely refers to the part of the cutting tool that you would hold or mount in a tool holder or machine spindle. It’s called “straight” because it has a uniform diameter along its length, as opposed to tapered shanks. Steel is commonly used for shanks due to its strength and rigidity.

In summary, a “solid carbide straight steel shank” cutting tool would have a cutting portion made of solid carbide, which is known for its cutting performance, attached to a straight steel shank, which provides the means to hold and secure the tool in a machine. These types of tools are used in various machining operations for cutting, milling, drilling, and other processes where precision and durability are essential.


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2x8x8, 3x12x8, 4x15x8, 4x20x8, 6x20x12


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