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2Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose For Cnc Router 3d Carving on MDF & Wood


2Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose

Available in 2mm / 3mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm

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For 3d carving on wood & MDF

CD = Cutting Dia  /  CL = Cutting Length / SD = Sank Dia

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2Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose Tools for Cnc Router

2-Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose Endmill, also known as 2-Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose Router Bit, is a specialized cutting tool used in machining and milling operations. Let’s break down its key features:

Flute: As with other endmills, a “flute” represents a cutting edge or groove along the length of the tool. In the case of a 2-flute ballnose endmill, there are two cutting edges or flutes. The number of flutes on an endmill affects its performance and suitability for various applications.

Solid Carbide: “Solid carbide” indicates that the entire cutting tool, including the flute and the body or shank of the tool, is made from a solid piece of carbide material. Carbide is a composite material composed of carbon and metal and is known for its hardness, durability, and ability to withstand high temperatures and wear.

Spiral: The “spiral” aspect indicates that the flute follows a helical path along the length of the tool. This spiral design aids chip evacuation, ensuring that chips produced during cutting are effectively removed from the cutting area.

Ballnose: The term “ballnose” refers to the shape of the cutting tip. In this case, the cutting tip is rounded into a ball shape, which allows for contouring and machining curved or sculpted surfaces. Ballnose endmills are commonly used to create 3D shapes, complex details, and rounded or contoured edges.

Key Features and Benefits of 2-Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose Endmill:

Contouring: The ballnose shape allows for precise contouring, sculpting and profiling of the workpiece. It is ideal for creating 3D shapes and complex designs.

Smooth finish: 2-flute ballnose endmills are mostly used for finishing operations, as they can provide smooth and rounded surfaces.

Versatility: While it is commonly used in soft materials such as plastic and wood, it can also be used for machining metal when a rounded or sculpted edge is desired.

Efficient Chip Evacuation: Like other spiral endmills, ballnose endmills offer efficient chip evacuation, which helps prevent chip buildup while cutting.

Strength and Durability: The use of solid carbide ensures excellent strength and durability, allowing for extended tool life and consistent performance.

2-Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose Endmills are essential tools in industries such as woodworking, mold making and 3D machining, where precision and complex shapes and contours are required. The choice of endmill, including the number of flutes and ballnose profile, depends on the specific machining requirements and machining material.

2Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Ballnose For Cnc Router 3d Carving on MDF & Wood Video

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10x30x60x10, 10x35x75x10, 10x50x100x10, 12x30x60x12, 12x35x75x12, 12x50x100x12, 2x6x45x3, 3x15x45x3, 4x20x50x4, 5x20x50x5, 6x22x50x6, 6x35x75x6, 6x50x100x6, 8x25x50x8, 8x35x75x8, 8x50x100x8


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