Solid Carbide 2Flute Spiral Tapper Ballnose For 3d Carving Work – Sharav Corporation


  1. Tapper ballnose end mill is a special cutting tool designed for precision woodworking, especially in the fields of 3D carving and CNC machining. This tool has a ball-like rounded tip, which allows smooth contours and gradual transitions between different depths and levels. The slim shape of the tool is essential to minimize tool marks and ensure high precision during carving operations.

    2Flute-Solid-Carbide-Spiral-Tapper-Ballnose-3d-Wood-MDF-Carving For-Cnc-Router
    2Flute Solid Carbide Spiral Tapper Ballnose 3d Wood MDF Carving For Cnc Router
  2. In woodworking applications, especially when working with complex designs and curved surfaces, the tapered ballnose end mill proves to be an invaluable asset. Its ability to create detailed textures and complex geometries distinguishes it from traditional straight-edged tools. This tool is especially useful when attempting to achieve a high level of detail and artistic expression in wood carving projects.
  3. The Tapper Ballnoseis ideal for creating complex 3D shapes and outlines on a variety of materials including metal, plastic and wood. They can follow complex curves and create smooth, rounded surfaces.
  4. These tools are often used to engrave text, logos or decorative patterns on work pieces. The thin shape allows for fine details and sharp corners.
  5. Tapper ballnoses are valuable in mold and die making, where they help in obtaining precise and smooth cavities or molds for casting and forming operations. These tools are versatile and can work on a variety of materials including plastic and wood.

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